Paper flowers

Rs 300+ shipping

Introducing our delightful Paper Flowers, designed to add a touch of charm and elegance to your gifts or gift boxes.

More than just mere decorations, these paper flowers are infused with love and joy, adding a heartfelt sentiment to any present.

Crafted from recycled handmade paper, each flower embodies our commitment to sustainability – not a single tree was cut in their making.

Let your creativity blossom as you adorn your gifts in your own unique style with these versatile paper flowers. Each pack contains 10 flowers, delicately packed in an eco-friendly envelope.

At Surprise Someone, we’re passionate about spreading joy and promoting eco-consciousness with every purchase. By choosing our Paper Flowers, you’re not just enhancing your gifts; you’re also contributing to a movement dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

Please note: Embrace the natural variations in print and color, as each flower possesses its own unique beauty, reflecting the diversity of nature. Choose sustainability. Choose style. Choose Surprise Someone.

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