The Story behind Surprisesomeone

Pinky Maheshwari and her mom Sharda Daga started this in Sept 2015. Pinky is an MBA and has worked in corporate for 10 years.
So What do this mother Daughter Duo do? They make recycled handmade paper. So what? It’s quite old concept and what’s surprising in it? Surprising is that they don’t cut TREES to make paper; they make paper from cotton rags/ waste cotton. All the products you see on this website are 100% Eco Friendly and made from recycled handmade paper.

Another interesting thing about this paper is that they decided to add seeds inside the paper while making it so that whenever paper bag or journal or box made of that paper is trashed,



To save our Planet Earth from
Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect.

To stop deforestation and to
save our forest reserves.

They were also selected by Startup India amongst 50 start ups of India to showcase their products in India International Trade Fair-2017, New Delhi. Here is the link where start up India has covered start up in their film.

They also came up with beautiful innovation called SEED Pencils-These Pencils are 100% bio-degradable and made from recycled paper and old newspapers.

Instead of an eraser, each pencil has seed capsule on one end. The capsule contains herbs like basil.

Once the writing end of the pencil is all used up, you just stick the capsule end in some soil water regularly. The seed should germinate within 1 to 3 weeks.

What is unique about it?

  • The use of trees for the manufacturing of pencils leads to unnecessary deforestation. The effects of this are seen in the massive environmental crisis that we’re facing.
  • Recycling just ONE 2.5-foot stack of waste papers will save a 20-foot pine tree.
  • Millions of pencils could be made from the paper used in a single press run of the Sunday newspaper?
  • Their seed pencils have been procured for Prime Minister office as well.
    Pinky and Sharda are empowering women in rural areas and trying to CREATE MORE EMPLOYMENT for them. Pinky says- now these women contribute to their family income and above all very happy and they feel accomplished working with Surprise Someone.
  • All these products you see on this website are made by women from different facets. When you buy things from SURPRISE SOMEONE, you actually make someone SMILE 🙂
  • Apart from this- Mother Daughter duo goes to different girl’s schools/ colleges and teaches this art of making paper and products from paper.
  • They want to create livelihoods for women around.
  • They are targeting to reach 10k girls and train them/ educate them/ prepare them to be on their own by end of 2019.
  • Every year they have been designing New Year Calendar for Invest India & Start up India.